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The Richard Fowler Show has arrived!

Richard Fowler is a fresh Progressive voice with a unique perspective on policy, politics, and the American people.

Behind-the-scenes from behind-the-mic, The Richard Fowler Show gives listeners a daily dose of what is happening in our nation’s capital. Richard believes it is time for the people to take their voice back and he is here to help! The show will inform, empower, and help you get your voice back!

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KRXA 540 AM Carmel Valley, CA: Saturday 9-11 PM

WFTE-FM 90.3/105.7 FM Mt Cobb/Scranton, PA: Saturday 4-6 PM

WPWC-AM 1480 AM Washington, DC: Saturday 10-12 PM

KXHI 99.9 FM Cowlington, OK: Saturday 7-9 PM

KKRP 1610 AM Cowlington, OK: Saturday 7-9 PM

WPRR 95.3 FM/1680 AM Grand Rapids, MI: Tuesday 8-10 PM

WFEN 88.3 FM Pontiac, IL: Tuesday 8-10 PM

KKGO 1220 AM Lancaster, MN: Saturday 7-9 PM

KMAZ 1320 AM Goldfield, NV: Saturday 5-7 PM

KBQN 540 AM St. John, ND: Saturday 7-9 PM

KLJS 1610 AM Eureka, MT: Saturday 6-8 PM

WPAF 920 AM Eden, WI: Saturday 7-9 PM

WANF 1600 AM Moore, NY: Saturday 8-10 PM

WNFS 1660 AM Allapulgus, GA: Saturday 8-10 PM

Progressive Voices Saturday 12-2 PM EST

Old Geezer Radio London, UK:

World Radio Network:

Cstorm Radio Grand Isle, ME:

Indiana Talks: